Solution for the edentulous patients – All-on-4

Unique All-on-4 methodology is the salvation for those who have experienced the loss of all or half of teeth. Up to now these problems were being solved mostly using the only way – slightly attached, rootless dental prosthesis which can even damage the palate. Due to this chewing process becomes more complicated and digesting starts to malfunction.

All-on-4 technology used for total dental rehabilitation allows to apply only 4 implants instead of 6 or 8. This is the basic factor that affects treatment time, progress and expenses. Thus, bone grafting procedures and other massive surgery intervention can be avoided. In a result, the patient does not feel pain, wound does not swell, gum does not bleed and there is no need for antibiotics.   All can be done in a single visit – placement of implants and natural-looking, comfortable temporal or even permanent teeth with immediate function. Treatment is not complicated at all, so there are no restrictions regarding patient’s age or his general health.

All-on-4 procedure can be combined with instant implantation when implants is being placed immediately after removal of broken teeth. This is very handy if your mouth is stacked with a few shifty teeth of yours.