Oral hygiene

burnoshigienaProcedures performed:
  • Dental caries prophylaxis using fluoride products
  • Removal of dental plaque
  • Removal of sub-gingival and supra-gingival dental calculus
  • Teeth polishing
  • Sealing the teeth fissures
  • Individual oral hygiene instructions
  • Individual selection of oral care tools
Perfect oral hygiene is the main measure seeking to avoid dental caries and diseases of oral mucosa and periodontum. One of the most important factors causing dental caries is microbial dental plaque. Bad breath, unhealthy and mobile teeth are the main signs of diseases of periodontum (gingivitis, periodontitis).

During a day teeth surface becomes covered with food remains, microorganisms and dead cells of oral mucosa epithelium that form on teeth a whitely grey, hardly visible layer of soft plaque. If this plaque layer is not removed with toothbrush completely (100 percent), its residues irritate gums and within several days cause gum inflammation. If they are not removed longer, soft dental plaque gets mineralized and becomes dental calculus. If dental calculus is not removed, inflammation continues, gets more intense and periodontum becomes damaged. Pathological teeth pockets form, melting of bone tissue proceeds and finally teeth are lost.
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Only dentist or dental hygienist may remove dental plaque and calculus effectively. It is important to understand that continual care helps to avoid problems caused by dental diseases and save time as well as money. Constant visits to dentist, dental hygienists no less frequent than twice a year should become a habit for those who treasure their health, because teeth and gum diseases have a negative effect on all our body.

For those with dental implants, braces and dental prosthesis a good dental hygiene and prophylaxis are especially important.

bur hig3Signs of good oral hygiene:
  • Your teeth are clean, there are no food remains
  • Gums have pink color, are not painful
  • Does not bleed when cleaning with toothbrush and dental floss
  • You are not troubled by bad breath
In our clinic during professional oral hygiene procedure dental plaque is removed qualitatively with ultrasonic scaler and „AIR-FLOW“ technology, teeth are polished carefully.

With assistance of ultrasonic scaler we remove dental calculus very easily and this way reduce an amount of harmful bacteria located sub-gingivally.

bur hig4Effect of ultrasonic scaler:
  • Vibration of instrument head removes even the hardest dental calculus attached to tooth surface
  • Water flow washes food remains, blood from tooth surface and moistens it. That provides conditions of better visibility of work field to a dentist
  • Movement of instrument tip in water creates bubbles that having exploded destroy membranes of bacteria cell walls
bur hig5AIR-FLOW“ one of the most up-do-date dental plaque removal methods. That is an excellent and painless technique to clean nicotine, coffee or tea stains and to lighten teeth. „AIF-FLOW“ removes dental plaque faster and more effective in comparison to regular teeth polishing means. It is very effective even in hard to reach areas. Strong air, water and soda powder flow directed straight to teeth surface removes accumulated plague quickly and painlessly. After “AIR-FLOW” procedure you will be pleasantly surprised by natural smile, comfort and cleanliness sensation in your mouth.

Sealing the teeth fissures

SILANTAI2Teeth sealants – materials that are placed on fissures of chewing teeth surfaces. In case teeth fissures of some teeth are so narrow and deep that it is impossible to clean food remains out of them. Sealants protect teeth from development of dental caries in fissures. Sealants are usually used for children aged 6-12 years. They are placed immediately having the first molars erupted. Filled teeth are not covered by sealants.