Implant dentistry

Procedures performed:Dental implants
  • Implant placement
  • Surgical treatment of periimplantitis
  • Sinus lifting operations
Tooth implant is an artificial root made of titanium that is screwed by doctor in Your jaw and having it oseointegrated, a doctor places a crown, bridge or other selected prosthesis. When you have tooth implants, You look and feel like with your natural teeth.

The first implant in the world was implanted in a lower jaw by prof. Branemark (Sweden) in 1965. That is not an innovation any more, but rapidly developing teeth restoration method not only all over the world, but also in Lithuania. Our daily practice is becoming more and more inconceivable without teeth implantation.

IMPL 03Today market offers to us many systems and often patients become unclear why prices are so different and what system is the best to choose from the offered ones.

In implantology as well as in every field, the leaders that have a well-known name and likely a good product are distinguished. Certainly famous name relates often to higher price.

Nobel Biocare implantsUAB "Vaidenta" specialists work with Nobel system – the world recognized leaders, so they can assure You not only high quality of work, but also maximum comfort, fast, pain free and simple procedure as well as lifetime warranty.

IMPL 04What are dental implants designed for?
  • With dental implants we may restore one, several or even all missing teeth.
  • That is an excellent possibility to have teeth for those who lost them as a result of trauma, periodontitis or other cause.
  • Dental implants enable you to keep your healthy teeth because they are not used for fixation of bridge prosthesis.
  • You do not need to worry about instability and discomfort caused by removable prosthesis.
Implantation procedure

Modern technologies and computerized treatment planning have made this procedure very simple.

Teeth implantation is completely painless. Local anesthesia is used during implantation and that is the same one as in a course of regular dental treatment.

In our clinic an immediate implant placement method is used: a tooth is removed (1), (2) and an implant is placed in (3).

The greatest comfort for patient is that temporal or permanent teeth prosthesis may be fixed already during a course of implantation (1). However, in certain situations, healing cap may be screwed on (2) or implant is sewed up and left for healing (3).

IMPL 11So, long preparatory treatment, painful surgical procedures, long and complicated healing periods – are already the past!
Sinus lifting operation

IMPL 12Sinuses of upper jaw – the hollow cavities located at jowl area above roots of molar teeth. When teeth are lost, the bone is melting gradually in this area and eventually only thin bone wall dividing sinus cavity from mouth cavity is left (1). Sufficient bone thickness is needed to place a tooth implant, so when bone wall remains very thin, implant placement becomes impossible. Sinus lifting – a surgical procedure that constitutes very often an integral part of teeth implantation in area of molar teeth.

Sinus lifting – an excellent decision in modern dentistry that makes teeth implantation possible even in the most complicated conditions.

That is completely uncomplicated procedure and painless procedure for patient during which membrane covering sinus cavity is lifted through a tooth alveolus (1), synthetic bone is pushed in (2) and dental implant is placed (3).