Dental prosthesis

protezaiProcedures performed:
  • Teeth crowns
  • Manufacturing of dental bridges
  • Metal-free ceramics
  • Manufacturing of dental inlays and onlays
  • Removal plate prosthesis
  • Arch supporting prostheses with different fixation systems
  • Prosthesis on dental implants

We offer to our patients a wide spectrum of prosthesis services.

Metal ceramics, metal-free ceramics prostheses as well as removal prostheses of different constructions are used for prosthesis. Each patient may choose a treatment according to his/her aesthetic requirements and financial possibilities.

Aesthetic prosthesis

Teeth prosthesis: restoration of damaged teeth tissues. Usually teeth prosthesis is performed given the damaged teeth that are under intense chewing load, also old unaesthetic, imprecise restorations may be replaced. Aesthetic prosthesis in front teeth area is offered seeking to correct teeth form, color and close gaps.

protez 02

Metal ceramics: metal forms a basis for such prosthesis, thus crowns are not permeable to light and teeth do not look natural. Besides, in a night club at neon lighting, it looks that in place of metal ceramic crown a tooth is missing. Metal contact with oral mucosa tissues often causes gum inflammations, color change (“blue edge of gingiva”), metal taste in mouth and allergic reactions. People who care about exclusive aesthetics, metal ceramics in front teeth area is not recommended.
protez 03Metal-free ceramics: is permeable to light, teeth look especially natural. At our clinic we work with metal-free ceramics „Procera“. Aluminum or zirconium oxide may form a basis for “Procera” ceramics. These modern materials are characterized by qualities that are very close to natural tooth tissues: aesthetic (color, translucency) qualities as well as physicochemical (strength, resistance to wear, reaction to thermal changes).

Nowadays metal is replaced gradually because of insufficient aesthetics and gum problems. So, zirconium oxide metal-free prosthesis are chosen by hundred thousands of people seeking health and beautiful look!

protez 04
Metal ceramic crown
protez 05
Metal-free ceramic crown

Prosthesis on implants

Dental clinic "Vaidenta" specialists  will always explain comprehensively about all prosthesis possibilities and help to select the most suitable construction satisfying not only Your functional, but also aesthetic needs.

Different constructions and prosthesis of various aesthetics are possible on implants as well as on natural tooth. Patient may choose from plastic prosthesis, metal ceramic and especially aesthetic metal-free ceramic restorations that will satisfy the needs of the most selective patients.

protez 06
Metal ceramic crown on implant
protez 07
Metal-free ceramic crown made on zirconium oxide basis

More than 300 million of people all over the world do not have one or several teeth. Even though the world develops very rapidly in different areas, however there are more and more completely edentulous people. Who could believe in that?

Thanks to achievements of modern dentistry we may restore Your smile with plastic or ceramic dental prosthesis on implants. We will offer to our patient an excellent aesthetic result and complete comfort, because he/she could forget removable dental prosthesis forever.
protez 08
Plastic bridge fixed on 4 implants
protez 09
Ceramic bridge on 6 implants