Therapeutic teeth treatment

Procedures performed:
  • Treatment of dental caries
  • Teeth filling
  • Treatment of sensitivity of teeth roots
  • Changing low quality fillings
  • Direct aesthetic restorations
  • Restoration of broken teeth
  • Aesthetic corrections of teeth crown form
Dental caries is one of the most prevalent diseases. When acids of plaque reach dental enamel, they cause its demineralization and gradually a cavity is being formed.

Symptoms of dental caries:
  • Teeth pain – especially after consumption of sweet, hot or cold food or beverage;
  • Visible spots or cavities in tooth.

Usually these symptoms cause not only chewing disorders, but also discomfort due to reduced aesthetics, especially in front teeth area.

Aesthetic filling (direct aesthetic restoration) – that is a teeth restoration method allowing to recreate anatomic tooth form, achieve color, translucency and shine of healthy tooth at the same time preserving teeth tissues at the maximum. Aesthetic filling is recommended for restoration of caries damaged teeth, for teeth with changed color, worn, misaligned teeth, closing of diastema (gap between teeth) as well as for restoration of teeth after trauma. When a tooth is damaged severely, relief of chewing surface is recreated considering function and aesthetics. Tooth cusps and pits that are especially important for chewing effectiveness, maintaining of bite height and teeth protection from natural wear are recreated. Restorations are performed with the highest quality filling materials possessing characteristics of shades, translucency of natural and healthy teeth.

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